Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Heart of the Matter

I listen to this spoken word
spill from the lips
of a man of my craft
Words from a heart
written with a pen
probably not much different
than my own
To me it doesn't matter that they're
coming from a stranger
I know they've awakened
in me a sleeping dreamer
Unlike him, I'm accustomed to
structure, flow and scheme
I don't talk tough
or pretend to be the perfect girl
But we both speak our hearts
put it out there in ink
paper, pages, paper bags
websites, books, cd's
A poet writes and speaks
their own heart
and ends up saying
the thing on everyone's
(or at least one's)

August 31, 2009

Manly Man in Girly Pants

Went and heard a Man
recite some poems and sing
some songs
Words of love, heartbreak
Nature, God
I listened with a polite
His eyes were closed
he couldn't see it anyways
Yet I felt a closeness
Emotions stirred by
phrases and verse
Catchy choruses that required
Audience participation
At a few points,
during a few lines
I was struck;
Hit by the need to love
feel love, give love
receive (His) love
To rest in the arms of
Him who is Love
Because all I really need
is a hug.

August 31, 2009

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

You Alone

What offering can I bring
worthy of Your acceptance?
I have no wealth to purchase a trinket;
nothing by the world's standard of worth,
nor anything that would draw attention or accolades.
All I have is me.
If I were a tree, I'd clap my leaves in praise,
sway in the sweet breath of Your wind.
All I can be is me.
If I were a mountain, I'd rise tall and proclaim Your majesty
or bow in the valleys in reverence.
All I am is Yours.
You've given me a voice to lift in worship,
hands to clap in declaration,
and feet to dance in victory.
This is the offering I bring to You
all of me to You alone.
I'll dance and sing and worship at Your throne.
You are God alone.

June 9, 2009

Monday, November 17, 2008

Redemption Song

God can you hear me?
I'm crying out to you
God, I can't feel your touch
and I'm reaching for your hand.

You've lifted me up
so many times before
Please take my hand
once more.

You know my needs before I do
and its your desire
to give

Its your delight to love me, Lord
I delight in you
God, I praise you in this storm
Jesus your name is above all.

Father you're faithful
even when I stray
You'll never leave me
or turn away.

November 17, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Still Remember - A War Nurse's Story

I still remember the days
When so many lives I tried to save.

I still remember how the faces
Had so much fear in their eyes.

I still remember the sounds
Screams of a wounded soldier
Caused by a piece of metal.

I still remember the sky
Black with anger, hate and smoke.

I still remember the sights
Of men falling, holding on to their last breath.

I still remember the smell
The blood, dead bodies and gun smoke.

I still remember thinking
"Who will be next? and, "When will it end?"

I still remember recovering and dying men
Telling me of their families at home.

I still remember the fear
Of having a bomb dropped near us.

I still remember the triumph
The fighting is over, we can go home!

November 2001


Going through life we all have to choose
We are given a chance, one precious gift
Our life reflects the choices we make
Be wise because it's only you who will lose.

Whether right or wrong, the path that you take
Determines the outcome of the choices you make
Life is a cluttered highway with turns in every direction
All leading off to a consequence or reward

A decision made affects those around you
Everyone has a role model they trust
What message are you giving the ones who look up to you?

(Date unknown. 2004)

Not Very Far

I went to a party looking for fun
People were dancing, smiling and laughing
He looked at me, smiled and came over my way
My heart started racing, what should I say?

I blushed, said hello and then took the cup
The twinkling eyes looked so genuine
He made me feel like a goddess with the lines that he gave
The hours flew by, but I didn't notice
My deam had come true, I'd gotten my wishes

He put down his cup and offered a ride
I would regret saying no I knew this for sure
I ignored the drinks, "It's not very far."

Screeching of tires, crunching metal
Pounding in my head like sixty drummers playing
Sirens blaring, what was happening?
I tried calling for help, but my voice wouldn't come

Waking up, beeping and phones ringing in the distance
"Not that far" I had thought in my heart
"What happened to him, is he okay?"
"He didn't make it, the alcohol was too much."

The choice is yours: to chance death or live
There are other options to keep you alive
So play it safe and designate the drive.

(Date unknown. 2004)